Vietnamese woman poised to claim title as world's oldest living person

By Minh Nga   March 4, 2024 | 12:44 am PT
Vietnamese woman poised to claim title as world's oldest living person
Trinh Thi Khong (R) and her daughter Do Thi Ninh at Ninh's home in Dong Nai Province, February 2024. Photo by Dong Nai Province's news portal
At 119, a woman living in the southern Dong Nai Province, could break the record for "World's Oldest Living Person."

Trinh Thi Khong's birth year, documented in official records and acknowledged through congratulatory messages from both the president and local authorities, is 1905.

This makes Khong not only Vietnam's eldest resident but also places her two years senior to Maria Branyas Morera of France, who is currently listed by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest.

Efforts are underway by Khong's family and the Dong Nai Province authorities to have her officially recognized and claim the title.

Originally from Thanh Hoa Province, Khong has been living with her second daughter, Do Thi Ninh, 82, in Dong Nai since 2014, as reported by Dong Nai's news portal.

Khong's family includes four sons and three daughters, with her eldest son being over 90 years old. She boasts a large family lineage with up to 150 descendants spanning children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Ninh, Khong's daughter, is her primary caregiver.

Despite her advanced age and limited mobility, Khong is described as being in a "normal and healthy" condition. Her daily diet consists of porridge and bird's nest drink. She often reminisces about her younger days, especially her times as a vendor supporting her seven children.

Khong's significant milestones do not go unnoticed; she regularly receives visits and well-wishes from delegations at the provincial, city, and commune levels. For her 118th birthday in June 2023, local authorities presented her with a certificate of congratulations.

Tang Quoc Lap, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee in Long Khanh Town where Khong resides, expressed hope that media attention would prompt the Guinness World Records to recognize Khong's longevity.

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