Vietnamese officials punished for boozy brawl over dinner

By Nhat Ha   April 15, 2017 | 08:17 pm PT
One official took a gang of family members to the other's house and threatened to kill him.

Two provincial officials from the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum have received official warnings after a beer-fueled argument over dinner turned violent.

A source from the provincial environment department said Diep Xuan Vinh and Cao Minh Phuong had received warnings, a mode of punishment for Vietnamese officials that is followed by demotion.

It said Vinh, deputy head of the department’s land management division, and Phuong, chief of it natural resources unit, had violated ethical principals.

They had been visiting colleagues in the neighboring Gia Lai Province on the night of March 16 after wrapping up an official visit.

On the journey back to Kon Tum, a fight broke out about the dinner. After arriving home, Vinh took a group of family members to Phuong’s house and threatened to kill him. The noisy fight disrupted an entire neighborhood and had to be broken up by police.

The department’s deputy head was also reprimanded as he led that official visit.

The department said police are still investigating the case, and more of those involved may face action.

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