Vietnamese man feared to have set himself on fire in disturbing Facebook dare

By Tran Hung   September 21, 2016 | 02:59 am PT
Vietnamese man feared to have set himself on fire in disturbing Facebook dare
The young man tried to get 40,000 likes with a promise to burn himself. He got 86,000.

A Vietnamese man reportedly doused himself in gasoline and set his body ablaze on a street in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday night.

The reason behind the act would disturb many: he promised to do so in exchange for 40,000 likes on Facebook.

In a post that is now viral, the man, believed to be 24, said he would burn himself with gasoline and jump off the bridge when there were enough likes.

“I’m going to keep my promise... Please share if you want to see the fun,” he wrote.


His post attracted 86,000 likes on Facebook.

He got 86,000 likes within 23 hours.

Hundreds of people then came to the bridge in Tan Phu District to witness the act.

Traffic police had to dismiss the growing crowd. The man failed to appear at the promised time.


A photo shared on Facebook reportedly was taken at Tan Hoa canal at 7pm Sept 20.

But a few hours later, a video emerged showing a young man poured a flammable liquid all over his own body and set himself on fire. The video, too, went viral on Facebook within a day.

VnExpress cannot immediately verify the authenticity of the video. Police have not released any official statement on the case. The man's whereabouts and conditions are also unknown.

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