Vietnamese in Japan framed for robbery in $1M embezzlement scheme

By Duc Trung   October 12, 2023 | 06:09 am PT
Tokyo police have arrested two suspects accused of hiring Vietnamese to orchestrate a robbery, with the aim of embezzling money from a company.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on Tuesday said they had arrested Tomohiro Kikuchi, 40, for allegedly orchestrating a robbery using a motorbike on a street with several jewelry shops back on August 29, Japanese media reported.

Security camera footage revealed Kikuchi placing a bag with money onto the road when a motorbike approached him, but he was incapacitated and apprehended by the police and passersby.

The man was determined to be Nguyen Khanh, 23. Another man, who was riding the aforementioned motorbike, rode away from the scene immediately after.

Kikuchi was initially thought to be the victim of the robbery. But after hearing Khanh’s confessions, the police began to suspect that the robbery was in fact orchestrated. They later managed to capture Konishi Rodriguez Augusto, 36, a director of a Brazilian company.

Augusto was accused of receiving information from Kikuchi about the money-filled bag, and instructing Khanh to perform the so-called "robbery". The police said Kikuchi hired people to orchestrate the robbery in order to embezzle ¥150 million (around $1 million) from a gold shop that he manages in Taito District.

Kikuchi and Augusto both denied the accusations. An investigation is ongoing.

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