Vietnam resort caught printing maps labeling sovereign waters the ‘China Sea’

By Dac Duc   August 4, 2016 | 02:47 am PT
This is the second time in a month a tourism company has received a slap on the wrist for misleading maps.

Police in Vietnam's popular tourist city of Hue have seized hundreds of maps from the Villa Louise resort that incorrectly named Vietnam's East Sea as the "China Sea".


A map published by the resort.

Receptionists at the resort have been handing out the misleading maps to numerous visitors, but one of the guests was so angry when he saw it he posted the map on Facebook and called on Vietnamese netizens to boycott the resort.

After receiving the information, police stepped in and worked with a representative from the resort.

The resort had printed about 500 maps, but recalled 250 and handed them over to the police pledging not to repeat the violation.

Nguyen Thanh Hoa, a top official at the city’s Department of Tourism, said they have instructed the resort to fix any incorrect information on its maps. He added that the incident was not serious enough to take the matter further, so the resort was only given a warning.

At the end of July, police in the central city of Da Nang also seized leaflets from a tourist company that named a stretch of coast the "China Beach".

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