Da Nang seizes tourist leaflets advertising 'China Beach'

By Nguyen Dong   July 28, 2016 | 01:52 am PT
A local bar was named and shamed.

Leaflets distributed by Tam's Pub & Surf Shop -- a bar in the central city of Da Nang -- that name a stretch of coast the "China Beach" have been siezed by the local police.


'China Beach' advertised on the leaflet.

The owner testified that a foreign group, whose nationality was not revealed, had used her bar to distribute flyers and sell jeep tours to visit the city's tourist attractions. She added that she didn't know there was anything wrong with the content of the leaflets.

Images of the leaflets had appeared on Facebook, prompting police to take action.

Speaking with VnExpress, Tran Huu Do, head of the city's Immigration Management Office, said: “We have worked with other departments to check on tourist companies to find out and handle [similar violations].”

Chinese visitor numbers have been on the rise in Da Nang recently. It’s estimated that each day some 10 flights carry about 1,500 Chinese tourists to the city.

A surge in Chinese tourist numbers has resulted in many problems, with some visitors taking advantage of their tourist visas to work illegally as tour guides, spreading lies about the country’s history and culture. Others have refused to use the Vietnamese dong and some even burned Vietnamese money at a bar in Da Nang.

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