Underage car-wreck driver's father under investigation

By Tu Huynh   September 3, 2023 | 03:00 am PT
Police are investigating a man for giving his car's steering wheel to his 16-year-old son, who slammed the vehicle into five motorbikes at a red light on Saturday.

Police in Tuy Phong District in the central province of Binh Thuan are gathering information on the medical condition of the five motorbike drivers, who were all hospitalized with injuries after the crash.

Investigators are trying to determine if there is a foundation to charge the father with "allowing an unqualified person to operate a vehicle on public roads."

A person can be charged with said crime if the act causes certain degrees of physical harm to other people.

Five motorbikes are hit by a car at a red light in Binh Thuan Province, Sept. 2, 2023. Video by Anh Tai

Initial investigation found the 41-year-old father was driving his family from Dong Nai Province to Nha Trang for a vacation. As he was sleepy, he let his 16-year-old son drive the car. The boy "did not pay attention" when they were near a red light in Tuy Phong District, and slammed into five motorbikes waiting there at 6:30 a.m., police said.

All five motorbike drivers were thrown into the air and fell hard on the road. One woman suffered heavy injuries and had to be transferred to Cho Ray Hospital, the leading injury hospital in HCMC.

The boy has tested negative for alcohol and drugs, but he was not at the legal age to drive a car yet.

If charged, the father faces a fine from VND10 million to VND50 million (US$415-2,076), or up to a three-year community sentence, according to the Penal Code.

Người đi đường hỗ trợ các nạn nhân, đưa đi cấp cứu. Ảnh: Anh Tài

Other travelers help five motorbike drivers hit by a car from behind in Binh Thuan Province, Sept. 2, 2023. Photo by Anh Tai

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