Truck driver fined for blocking ambulance in central Vietnam

By Bui Toan   March 5, 2024 | 06:52 pm PT
A truck driver in Phu Yen Province was fined VND7 million (US$282) Tuesday and had his driving license suspended for three months for not giving way to an ambulance on duty.

The incident, which occurred two days earlier, involved the 39-year-old driver obstructing an ambulance that was transporting a patient and signaling for priority on National Highway 25 in Phu Hoa District.

Locals filmed it and posted videos on social media.

A truck swerves to prevent an ambulance from overtaking in Phu Yen Province, March 3, 2024. Video by Nguyet Nguyet

The truck was on its way to carry building materials to a construction site.

The truck driver's reckless maneuvering prevented the ambulance from passing over nearly one kilometer.

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