Family climbs median strip to cross highway

By Nguyen Vu   February 15, 2024 | 12:45 am PT
A family of around 10 crossed National Highway 5A in northern Vietnam and stopped in the middle of the street to climb the media strip, threatening safety of others and themselves.

When traveling on the highway through Nam Sach District of Hai Duong Province on Tuesday, a car that was moving at a speed of 70 kph had to brake suddenly to avoid hitting the group, including the elderly and children, as shown on the car's dash cam.

It was fortunate that there was no vehicle moving right behind the car when it had to stop, and no one was hurt.

The family was violating traffic rules as they crossed the street in a restricted area.

A family climbs a median strip in Hai Duong Province, Feb. 13, 2024. Video by Huy Luu

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