Scottish judo medalist injured in Vietnam raring to leave hospital

By Pham Van   July 24, 2016 | 09:13 pm PT
'I’m feeling good – nearly back to normal.' 

Stephanie Inglis is keen to return to both judo and charity work. Photo by Facebook/SaveSteph.

Scottish judo star Stephanie Inglis has given her first solo interview since a severe motorbike accident two months ago in Ha Long left her in a coma.

In May, Stephanie fell into a coma after her skirt got caught in the wheel of a motorbike taxi and crashed in the popular resort town of Ha Long in northern Vietnam.

After suffering serious head injuries and fracturing her neck in two places, she can now walk and talk, and even left the hospital to celebrate her sister’s birthday.

“I don’t remember anything of the accident,” she was quoted in the Sunday Post as saying. "The first thing I knew was waking up in Edinburgh with my parents there, telling me everything that had happened to me. Everything took a wee bit of time to get my head around. It was quite a scary time."

She also expressed her appreciation for all the help she received globally through a fundraising campaign her close friend set up on the Facebook fanpage SaveSteph: “If it hadn’t been for them, there is a big chance I wouldn’t be here today.”

The therapy sessions are showing constant good signs and Steph is just an health recovery update from home.

The Commonwealth silver medalist is also keen to return to both judo and charity work, which she was doing as an English teacher prior to the accident.

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