Man kills son after argument over care for grandchild

By Duc Hung   February 18, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
Man kills son after argument over care for grandchild
A house in Ha Tinh Province where a man killed his son who started a fight, February 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Hung Le
A man in the central province of Ha Tinh has been detained for killing his son in a knife fight after the son scolded him for not properly taking care of his sick child.

According to the investigation, the dead son, Duong Nam Hung, left his three-year-old child under the care of his parents in Duc Linh Commune. He and his wife live in another house in the same commune.

When Hung visited his child, who was sick, on the night of Feb. 1, he scolded his father, Duong Nam Hai, for not giving the child the right dose of medicine.

Their conversation quickly heated up and Hung allegedly threw a cup of tea at his father Hai, who was then drinking wine with his friends.

Hai picked up a saw but Hung managed to seize it from him and fought back.

Hai ran into the kitchen and found a knife that he used to cut Hung's shoulders.

Hung collapsed in the middle of the house and was rushed to hospital. He was dead on arrival.

Hai told the police he was angry with his "insolent" son, but regretted that his action caused tragedy for his family.

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