Proposed decree warns public officials against seeking power, fame

By Viet Tuan   January 3, 2024 | 06:06 pm PT
Proposed decree warns public officials against seeking power, fame
Vietnamese officials attend a plenum of the 13th Communist Party Central Committee in October 2022. Photo by Vietnam Government Portal
Senior government officials must not be hungry for fame or power, a draft decree by the home affairs ministry cautions.

The levels in the chain of authority the decree seeks to address run from deputy ministers, department heads down to department deputy directors, among others.

They are expected to have political ideology and morals, discipline, competence, good health, and experience among other traits.

They must put the interests of the government, country and public above their own, live honestly and humbly, not be hungry for fame and power, and do not allow people around them to abuse their position for benefit.

Besides these general standards, deputy ministers and those in equivalent positions must also be "objective and thorough" and well-versed in public administration and the laws.

They must be able to plan strategic issues and resolve problems while coordinating various units and entities.

The decree, which has been in the making since 2020, is now being circulated for feedback from government agencies.

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