HCMC cleaners 'poisoned' by leftover cannabis cookies

By Nhat Vy   December 10, 2023 | 11:24 pm PT
HCMC cleaners 'poisoned' by leftover cannabis cookies
A house in HCMC's Thao Dien Ward, where three cleaners consumed leftover cookies of a party and were hospitalized for cannabis poisoning. Photo by VnExpress/Nhat Vy
Three HCMC housekeepers were hospitalized for cannabis poisoning after unwittingly eating drug-laced cookies they found in the aftermath of a South Korean party they were cleaning up after.

Thu Duc City Police reported on Sunday that the three women were hired to clean up the house in Thao Dien Ward on Dec. 7, and were later taken to hospital after consuming leftover cookies.

Officers said they found dozens of non-inflated balloons at the site, and food and drink samples from the location had been confiscated for testing to figure out what happened to the women.

"The house’s owner said a group of South Koreans rented the place to throw a party the day before," an investigator said.

The house in question, spanning 200 m2, is often rented for events for parties.

As the women cleaning the home after the party found leftover food, they shared some cookies with each other. A few minutes after eating the sweets, all three displayed signs of delirium and loss of control of both their minds and bodies.

They were then taken to Le Van Thinh Hospital. Initial tests for cannabis were positive for all three women.

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