Hanoi lake returns to life after mass fish deaths

By Ngoc Thanh, Pham Huong   October 10, 2016 | 11:41 pm PT
Restaurants have reopened and people have returned for morning exercises around the West Lake.

West Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Hanoi, looked almost clean on Monday, ten days after a huge number of dead fish cast a stench across the area.


This part of the lake at the corner of Lac Long Quan and Trich Sai still stinks of rotten fish.


Fish gone belly up draw flies on the lake along Lac Long Quan Street.


A turtle leans on a dead fish to catch some air.


Environmental workers are still busy cleaning up the dead fish, estimated to be around 200 tons so far.


The dead fish will be dumped at a garbage site in Soc Son District on the outskirts of the city.


A foreigner jogs around the lake on Monday morning, but said he could still smell the dead fish a week after the disaster.


Morning exercises have returned to a park by the lake.


Pumps are used to increase oxygen levels in the water. An investigation found a lack of oxygen in the water was the reason for the tons of dead fish that washed up from October 1, but polluting factors have not been identified.


Many restaurants along the lake have returned to business, but there are fewer customers than before.

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