Full scholarships offered in EIS Open Day

By Phong Van   March 12, 2023 | 11:00 pm PT
Prospective students will have chance to receive two full scholarships of up to VND650 million (US$27,400) in the upcoming EIS Open Day on March 25.

The Open Day will take place at the European International School HCMC at 730 Le Van Mien Street, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC, on Saturday, March 25, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Parents who visit the school will be able to listen to presentation about EIS’ educational philosophy from the school leadership team.

EIS nurtures students’ love for academics and arts. Photo by EIS

EIS nurtures students’ love for academics and arts. Photo by EIS

An educational village for global citizens

This ideal European-style educational environment at the center of Thao Dien presents a unique philosophy of "Educational Village, Global Citizens."

Parents of all nationalities will find the European International School (EIS) the community for the development and production of global citizens of the world.

EIS embodies the essence of a European educational village through its campus environment and close-knit community of students, teachers and parents. In an environment where it takes a whole village to nurture a child, EIS fosters future global citizens with a varied educational infrastructure.

The school is located in a landscape of green gardens and 11 refurbished vintage villas, with glimpses of modernity in the multiple sports fields, 25-meter pool with a heating system, state of the art laboratories and various open learning areas perfect for group studies to motivate students to embrace education with open arms.

What makes EIS reminiscent of a unique European educational village is not just the layout of their single-site campus, but also in how everybody in the school perceives each other. Teachers see students as sprouting youth, bustling with an energy that is encouraged to be channeled through art. Student art work is displayed throughout the campus and here is not a corner that is not decorated with a student work.

Art works displayed around EIS campus as an inspiration for students to develop their talents. Photo by EIS

Art works displayed around the EIS campus as an inspiration for students to develop their talents. Photo by EIS

With a mission to encourage a lifelong yearning for learning, EIS aims to create the best educational environment where every student’s needs are respected and cared for. From the well-being center which emphasizes the importance of mental health and offers career counseling to both the students and their parents, EIS ensures a safe learning experience as well as open space for students to grow into their own persons.

Foundation into prestigious universities

Being one of the 22% of international educational institutions to gain accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS), EIS has provided high-quality academic programs for students aged 2 to 18.

EIS's academic record is acknowledged by numerous schools, colleges and universities of the world as being the result of a high-quality international school. EIS students have gotten accepted into universities such as Russel Group Universities, Monash University Australia, and the University of South Wales.

EIS is also one of the few schools in Vietnam to provide a thorough IB curriculum to all students, which is divided according to grade, including primary, middle and high school. This helps to make the transition to different colleges and universities in the world easier for students on the foundation of an enquiry-based learning environment.

With a low teacher - student ratio, EIS emphasizes personal teaching methods that deliver. With an average IB rating that is 17% higher than the world average and the highest among international schools in HCMC for three consecutive years, parents can rest assured that their children's academic experience is in good hands.

Students of EIS enjoy their playing and studying time. Photo by EIS

Students of EIS enjoy their play and study times. Photo by EIS

Won Jae Choi (EIS alumnus of the class of 2018, currently pursuing a degree in computer science at the National University of Singapore, said: "The true quality at the EIS international village is the friendly and supportive educational environment that allowed me to develop into an independent individual, confidently accepting new challenges to prepare for my future path."

Students will learn to embrace trials and errors in their academic journey, and be inspired to innovate through taking risks.

Comprehensive academic and arts development

Alongside academic programs, EIS also promotes the development of art and sports among students. Students are encouraged to develop their creativity through writing and performing musicals or plays.

Furthermore, the significance of teamwork is seen not only through elaborate plays, but also in the sportsmanship displayed by students at a young age.

EIS’s education infrastructure is an open ground for students at different ages, ranging from a multi-purpose room that can be transformed into an auditorium or playing fields for various sports.

EIS students’ artistic individuality flourishing in a play. Photo by EIS

EIS students’ artistic individuality flourishing in a play. Photo by EIS

Find out more about EIS Open Day here.

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