Vietnamese village tackles plastic waste

By Reuters   June 29, 2023 | 10:04 pm PT
Trieu Khuc, a village known for its artisanal plastic recycling, has emerged as a shining example of environmental sustainability in Hanoi.

Amidst the global plastic waste crisis, approximately 220 households in the village are actively engaged in the collection and recycling of plastic waste on a daily basis. Their collective efforts have resulted in an impressive accumulation of over 170 tonnes of plastic waste, ready for processing and recycling.

People recycle bottles and other plastic items at Trieu Khuc Village in Hanoi, June 2023. Video by Reuters, with footage of Trieu Khuc Artisanal Plastic Recycling Village in Hanoi

Vietnam has been identified as a major contributor to global plastic waste, generating approximately 3.1 million tonnes annually according to a 2022 World Bank report.

However, towns like Trieu Khuc are taking crucial steps to address this challenge, contributing positively to solutions against plastic pollution.

The work being done in the village serves as a powerful example of community-driven environmental action.

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