Two captive bears rescued in Binh Duong

By VNA   July 28, 2023 | 08:58 pm PT
Two captive bears rescued in Binh Duong
One of two Asian black bears handed over to animal protection experts by their owners in Binh Duong Province, July 28, 2023. Photo by Animals Asia
Two Asian black bears were rescued from a household in the southern province of Binh Duong on Friday and are being transported to the rescue center in Tam Dao National Park.

The bears, now named Bonnie and Clyde, were micro-chipped and kept in the family for nearly 20 years.

Binh Duong’s Sub-Department Forest Protection has been advocating for the elder owners to hand over the bears to the Vietnam Bear Rescue Center in northern Vinh Phuc Province’s Tam Dao National Park.

Bonnie, the female bear, weighs around 150 kg and suffers from multiple health problems, including abnormal signs in the gallbladder, an amputated right hind leg, and a wounded left hind leg, said senior veterinary surgeon Shaun Thomson from Animals Asia.

The 120 kg male bear Clyde is in slightly better health condition, although examinations show its gallbladder has a few signs of damage. The bear also experiences hair loss in the abdomen area, which might come from lying on the concrete floor in the cage for too long, according to the animal expert.

Bears have often been held captive in Vietnam for their bile, which is thought to have healing effects according to traditional medicine. This practice has been illegal since 2005.

The operation has brought the total number of bears rescued in Binh Duong Province to 48, and by Animals Asia to 264.

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