Elderly teacher accused of sexually harassing 5th grader

By An Minh   April 3, 2024 | 04:42 pm PT
A 52-year-old teacher at a primary school in the southern province of Soc Trang has been accused of sexually harassing a 5th grader in the restroom.

The Vinh Chau Town People's Committee announced on Tuesday that authorities were already investigating the case.

According to the Vinh Hiep Commune Inspection Commission report, the male teacher had led the schoolgirl into the school's male restroom 10 days earlier, told her to take off her pants, and then kissed on her forehead.

The schoolgirl said the teacher had called her into the restroom twice and told her not to tell anyone.

After the report, the Vinh Hiep 2 Primary School in Vinh Hiep Commune suspended the teacher on March 23 and ordered him to submit a report on the incident.

The teacher reported to have instructed the schoolgirl to clean herself during her menstrual periods, because female teachers had not arrived at class yet.

Thầy giáo cặp cổ nữ sinh trong sân trường sau khi từ nhà vệ sinh đi ra. Ảnh: Bạn đọc cung cấp

A male teacher is seen walking shoulder to shoulder with a schoolgirl at Vinh Hiep 2 primary school, outside the school's restroom. Photo provided to VnExpress

Regarding a picture captured in the school yard where he was shoulder to shoulder with the schoolgirl, the male teacher said he was comforting the girl and encouraging her not to be shy about her monthly periods.

Vinh Hiep 2 primary school has 12 classes with around 360 students.

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