Baby escapes death after crawling onto highway in Vietnam

By Phuong Linh   May 16, 2018 | 05:33 pm PT
The 18-month-old boy got onto the road while his father fell asleep.

A baby in the central province of Nghe An narrowly escaped death after he crawled onto a highway in front of his house and was discovered in time by a truck driver.

Nguyen Trong Hai, 25, was driving his 1.8-ton truck along National Highway 7A on Tuesday afternoon when he saw the baby in the middle of the road.

Video by Nguyen Trong Hai

"The truck was moving at nearly 60 kph (37 mph) along the quiet, sunny road," Hai said. "I spotted the baby crawling about 40 meters ahead."

He hit the brakes and managed to stop 10 meters away from the little boy. "My wife was in the truck with me and we were both startled," he said.

Hai found a house with opened doors nearby and suspected that was where the baby came from, so he brought the boy over. He said he called many times but there was no reply, and eventually had to step inside the house and wake a man up.

The man said he was the father of the 18-month-old baby. He said he fell asleep and forgot to close the doors.

Hai, who has worked as a driver for half a year, said he had seen cattle crossing highways several times, but the baby was the first.

Last March, a driver running on a highway in the northern province of Quang Ninh also narrowly avoided an eight-month-old baby crawling across the road. The mother said she left the house when the baby was sleeping and she must have gone looking for her after waking up.

Video by Dang Thai 

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