2 Chinese imprisoned in Hanoi for forging ATM cards to steal money

By VnExpress   March 6, 2017 | 05:27 pm PT
They had used fake cards to withdraw $9,200 from a local ATM booth.

A Vietnamese court has handed down jail terms of up to seven years to two Chinese citizens convicted of counterfeiting bank cards and using them to steal money, VietnamPlus reported Monday.

Tian Yun Yun, 30, from Jangxi Province, received a seven-year sentence, and Zhong Zheng, 17, from Guangxi Province, will spend 30 months in jail after the court in Hanoi found them guilty of appropriating property, VietnamPlus said on its website.

The two arrived in Hanoi on May 27 last year and installed high-tech devices on an ATM (automatic teller machine) booth to capture personal information of local cardholders.

They used the stolen information to forge 160 fake cards and used 14 of them to withdrew VND210 million ($9,200) from a booth at another location in Hanoi on June 4.

The two were caught red handed by police.

In December last year, the Hanoi People’s Court also handed down jail terms of up to 42 months on two other Chinese nationals for committing a similar offence.

The two had withdrawn VND64.4 million in 33 transactions before being arrested by local police, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

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