Samsung Galaxy S24 phone prices differ wildly

By Khuong Nha   January 25, 2024 | 11:31 pm PT
Samsung Galaxy S24 phone prices differ wildly
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (middle), S24+ (left) and S24. Photo by VnExpress/ Tuan Hung
Samsung’s latest offerings, the Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra, are available at distributors with prices differences, going up to 27.7% lower than those listed on the company’s website.

At The Gioi Di Dong, the S24 costs VND2 million less than the list price of VND22.9 million (US$916), while the S24+ and S24 Ultra are VND3 million lower.

CellphoneS sells them at similar prices. FPT Shop, Di Dong Viet and Minh Tuan Mobile sell them even cheaper: the S24 is VND4 million below the list price, and the other two are VND5 million below.

At some smaller chains such as XT Mobile, the S24 Ultra costs VND24.5 million, a VND9.4 million below the official price. Only, they do not offer buyers gifts and other promotions the bigger stores do.

On some e-commerce platforms, people have bought the phone for VND23 million, but the time and quantity of this sale were limited.

Asked about the price differences, Nguyen The Kha, commercial director of FPT Shop, said Samsung’s non-stop incentives are beneficial to buyers, but the downside is that it causes price discrepancies in the market.

Le Xuan Tinh, a manager at XT Mobile, said the prices depend on whether a retailer is looking for profits or increasing market share by reducing them.

In Vietnam pre-orders for the Galaxy S24 series were accepted from Jan. 18, and deliveries are expected by Jan. 30.

Phung Phuong, a manager at Mobile Vietnam, said the number of pre-orders is triple its predecessor’s, with 87% choosing the most advanced version, the S24 Ultra.

"In the context of the smartphone market gradually being saturated in terms of technology, the appearance of the Galaxy S24 series with AI improvements is attracting a large number of users."

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