My wife spends too much money

By Thien   October 4, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
I want to save money for future plans and in case of illness, but my wife wants to travel while we are still young to avoid regret later in our lives.

I’m 38, my wife is 33. We got married 12 years ago and have two sons. Both of us have our own businesses, so we have a lot of free time.

My wife was diagnosed with lymphoma three years ago and was successfully treated shortly after that. But her attitude has completely changed since then. She now focuses on enjoying her life and is not hesitant to pay for hefty food or traveling bills.

My parents-in-law gave her a 40-meter-square house in Hanoi, which we had rented out and sent the money we made from that to our savings account, until my wife sold it after she recovered from the illness. She has been using that money on leisure activities ever since.

We have had two one-month-long trips to Europe, two other American trips, and we have been to almost every Asian country over the past three years.

I let her do what she wanted at first. However, as I started to think about sending my sons abroad studying, I reconsidered that. If we maintain this lifestyle, we will eventually run out of money. Not to mention that we need money for our old age as well.

I told my wife about that, to which she denied. She said her experience of almost dying made her realize how she could not bring money with her if she passed away, so she decided to spend all of it while she still could.

She got mad with me as well, and has not asked me to travel with her since then. Instead, she has been going on trips with her close friends.

I respect my wife, so I am sad that we do not have a mutual agreement on this matter.

What should I do?

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