My wife opposes me quitting my job for a ride-hailing career

By Duc   March 8, 2024 | 04:55 pm PT
I am now considering leaving my engineering role to dedicate myself fully to ride-hailing, spurred by ongoing disagreements with my supervisor.

I am a 35-year-old electrical engineer working for a government institution, coming from a financially comfortable family in a rural setting. My parents are proprietors of a well-known chain of electrical appliance stores. Originating from Hanoi, my wife is employed by an international entity. Together, we are parents to two children, and we own a house and a car, both gifts from my parents.

Our collective income includes my monthly earnings of VND15-20 million (US$608-$811), while my spouse's stands at around VND35 million. Both of us contribute to our household expenditures, which include the tuition fees for our children's private schooling. Recent conflicts with my new supervisor over the past six months have significantly reduced my income, leading me to consider ride-hailing as an additional income source to cover my children's tuition.

When I broached this subject with my wife, she objected, suggesting that in times of financial difficulty, I should either borrow from my parents or seek other income avenues rather than driving, as she views it as a regression. Additionally, she openly expressed her embarrassment about my part-time ride-hailing job.

Despite her objections, I decided to pursue it and found that I enjoyed the work. I now earn an additional VND10 million a month from driving in the evenings. This job has not only augmented my income but has also allowed me to meet a wide range of people. Engaging in conversations with passengers has provided me with insights into various life stories and perspectives.

Thus, I am contemplating leaving my engineering role to become a full-time ride-hailing driver, a decision that has led to my wife expressing her disappointment in me. Following their mother's perspective, my children too have shown disdain for my job. The general view is questioning why someone with a comfortable upbringing, a secure job, and a degree from a reputable university like me would choose to work as a ride-share driver, which leaves me feeling dejected as I face opposition from my beloved for pursuing a job that brings me satisfaction.

Should I firmly decide to leave my job to become a full-time ride-hailing driver despite my family's disapproval?

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