My husband refuses paying my debts again

By Kim Hoa   June 26, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
I’m suffering from debts after borrowing money on mobile applications and being scammed.

This is the second time I borrowed money without telling my husband. I borrowed VND70 million (around $3,000) last time and was not be able to pay, so my husband had to pay for me. I promised to myself that I would not do it anymore.

But I don’t know why I got into the same situation again. I borrowed around VND20 million this time, and the lender has reached me many times.

I asked my husband to help me and promised to him that this would really be the last time. He was shocked upon my notice, and told me that he couldn’t do so given my family’s financial situation.

I really regret what I did. What should I do now?

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