My daughter-in-law’s mother blames me for game addict son

By Thu Van   August 23, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
My husband and I have been spending our pension on helping my daughter-in-law raise our grandchild, hoping that my son will not divorce again.

I’m 63 and a retired primary school teacher. I have been living in a simple and economical manner all my life.

My husband was a factory worker. We have a son and a daughter, but I was disappointed to find out that my son became addicted to video games from high school, which resulted in various negative consequences that my husband and I have had to solve.

I ordered him to behave correctly many times, but nothing seemed to change.

I hoped my son would change for the better when he got married for the first time, but my former daughter-in-law filed for divorce after two years living with him. My husband and I were then left to bring up their child.

When my son got married for a second time, I was hopeful again. But my son and new daughter-in-law have had many conflicts resulting from my son’s laziness, game addiction, and spending habits.

My husband and I have spent money to help my daughter-in-law raise their child, aiming to keep their marriage strong.

But I did not receive what I hoped for. In fact, I felt even more pity for myself as I recently got a letter from my daughter-in-law’s mother, accusing me of scamming her daughter. She also said my son’s current personality is the result of our teaching methods, and we should leave her daughter alone.

As a woman, I understand what my daughter-in-law is going through so I’m trying my best to compensate. I know she wants a divorce, but if anything happens to their marriage, their child will be the most affected.

What should I do?

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