My boyfriend is exceptionally particular about financial matters

By Ha   March 21, 2024 | 03:18 pm PT
My boyfriend consistently insists on splitting the bill for every meal we share.

I’m 23, and my boyfriend is two years my senior. Our relationship has spanned almost a year.

Expressing a desire to avoid financial complications since early in our dating phase, he established a rule: "This time I pay, next time you pay."

I initially agreed, believing this arrangement was temporary and a part of the process of becoming acquainted. Nevertheless, even as our connection deepened over three months, and I anticipated a more flexible approach to finances, he adhered firmly to his initial policy.

Now, nearly a year into our relationship, my boyfriend’s attitude towards money has not changed. I once conveyed my discomfort with his stringent attitude toward finances, proposing an alternative where he could cover my expenses, and instead of repaying him, I would occasionally present him with a gift, while he could do the same for me.

Yet, he countered, arguing that the nature and value of gifts should be independently and voluntarily decided, not tied to the expenses of our dining experiences. He felt that conflating the two would detract from the gesture’s significance.

I ultimately find his approach to money too calculated. Looking ahead to possibly cohabiting, I dread the thought of dealing with his financial meticulousness indefinitely.

Despite wanting to end the relationship, my hesitation stems from him being my first sexual partner. I am at a crossroads and unsure of how to proceed.

What should I do now?

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