I’m not sure I can pay my debt in 10 years, so will probably split with my girlfriend

By Quang Hoang   July 28, 2023 | 06:00 pm PT
I’m in my 30s, and deeply in debt after borrowing money to build a house for my family and losing in a forex investment.

Coming from a poor central province, I was lucky enough to be financially supported by my family and complete my undergraduate degree. I work for a foreign company after graduation, for a monthly salary enough to cover my living expenses.

My parents are farmers, so I have been obsessed with money since I was a child. I started trading cryptocurrencies and forex immediately after hearing about them. I got lucky and made huge profits at first, which motivated me to invest even more, only to lose my money later.

Now, I have a giant debt, which I’m not even sure that I can pay back in 10 years. Half is the amount I borrowed when I was still earning profits from my investments to prepare my own house, thinking I would be able to pay.

I’m considering splitting with my girlfriend so that she does not have to bear the debt with me. Should I?

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