I suffer because of my husband’s inferiority complex

By Hoang Ly   September 9, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
My husband always thinks of himself as not good-looking and not very talented, but often gets jealous and swears at me.

I got married 20 years ago, aged 36, with a man six years older than me. We only had it good in the first two years of our marriage, because my husband is selfish, greedy, and gets jealous easily. I have always been the one who makes up first.

Knowing about my husband’s inferiority, I have always treated him sensibly. I often tell him that I married him for love, not anything else.

I consider myself a family-oriented woman and always try my best to take care of our family. I have never asked for money from him because all I need is emotional support. Still, he fails to provide me with that.

He never calls me over the phone first, even though we are not living together. Sometimes he does not even pick up my phone calls.

I have been the one that brings our children to his hometown on family’s special occasions or public holidays.

He started arguing with me recently, accusing me of misbehaving as a married woman. He even said I betrayed him. His family recently had a commemoration of a relative’s death, but he did not even let me and our two kids attend.

I feel exhausted every time I think about him now. If only he could treat me normally, smile at me, and never argue. I think about getting divorced sometimes, but a part of my heart wants me to forgive him despite all the bad words he uses with me.

What should I do?

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