I just want to be able to visit my children, not my ex-wife

By Thinh   February 15, 2023 | 03:30 pm PT
I am 44 years old. I got divorced two years ago. I and my ex-wife have 3 daughters together: 12, 3, 1-and-a-half years old.

My wife is gentle but assertive. She is good-looking and educated. We did not plan to have a third child together, but things got out of control and her health was also affected after birth. When our 3rd daughter turned 5 months old, my wife wanted to divorce me, saying that I was too controlling and demanding.

After the divorce, I let my ex-wife take care of the children and to start other relationships. I visit my children several times, which she does not oppose.

When the two younger daughters started school, my wife got exhausted since she has to work 14 kilometers away from home and has to take care of three children. She requested that I take care of the children on the weekends so she can relax a bit.

Since her hometown is quite far, she doesn’t have any relatives close by. I can’t take care of the children, however.

When I once took my lover on vacation while ignoring the three kids, she became very upset. But every time I go to see the kids, I find her sadness and animosity to be incredibly upsetting.

One day, we had a very big argument. I told her that since she gave birth too many times, my current lover hesitates and does not want to get further in the relationship.

My ex-wife asked me to educate my teenage child. I seriously wonder why she still gave birth to the third child when I asked her to abort.

As a mother, I think she has the responsibility to take care of the children, although she is the manager of a big state-owned corporation. I really don’t want to see or interact with my ex-wife much. I only want to visit my children sometimes, without the responsibility of caring for them.

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