I feel impatient as my husband is unemployed

By Bao Linh   October 2, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
My husband had worked at a bank for 10 years hoping to be promoted. He ended up quitting his job because of disappointment.

He had always been a hardworking employee since he started working there after his graduation. He never left the office until 7-8 p.m., and only started his Tet Lunar New Year holiday as late as possible. He never turned down eating with his partners or supervisors either. He hoped those efforts could earn him the position of the branch director, and in fact he was promised to get the chance.

But his promotion never came.

He quit his job at the beginning of this year and has been feeling hopeless and confused ever since. He also helps me with household chores after his resignation, including bringing and picking up our kid to and from school, cooking, and doing laundry. In general it is undeniable that he helps a lot since he got unemployed.

However, I still feel impatient with him staying at home. We do not have many mutual topics now as his network has shrunk, and I am not satisfied with how happy he seems with his househusband life.

I have sent him job announcements many times, but I found out that he did not apply to any of them, though he told me that he did. In return, he sent me articles about how being a househusband is an emerging trend. I feel like he wanted to convince me that a stay-at-home father is a normal thing.

We have not had any financial struggles yet, since my husband had good savings after many years of hard work. Still, I feel dissatisfied with my husband staying home and not having any motivation.

I want to change my husband’s mind and motivate him to get a stable job like before. What should I do?

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