Grumpy wife, unhappy life

By Nguyen   December 12, 2022 | 05:54 pm PT
My wife and I are in our 30s. Our first child is almost 2 years old and my wife is now eight months pregnant.

After having a baby, my wife became a stay-at-home mom with plans to go back to work when our child turned 18 months old. But she got pregnant again while our baby was still a toddler, so she has continued to stay home. We will send our first baby to daycare when she gives birth to our second child.

I have a rather high income and I’m the breadwinner for our family. We own a house and although our life is not lavish, we’re comfortable. We are not under financial pressure.

These days, my wife gets angry over little things very easily. She lost her temper when I forgot to throw the trash away and let her do it the next morning.

She complained that I didn't give our child a bath when I got home early, but honestly, I just thought I could relax a little bit before giving him his bath. Tons of nonsense incidents in which I don't listen to her can make her mad at me.

I know it's tough for her to take care of our child alone. I tried to help her with household chores but doing them a little late can make her grumpy and then she says that I don't need to help her anymore. Already tired after work, I feel even more exhausted listening to her complaints.

What should I do? I hope to hear your advice.

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