A feminine medley

August 20, 2016 | 03:26 pm GMT+7
Opening: 09:00 am, Sun 21 Aug 2016
Exhibition: 21 Aug 2016 to 29 Aug 2016, 09:00 am - 07:00 pm

Nha San Collective


Picture when your father tells your mother to take responsibility when you make a mistake, blaming her for not fulfilling her motherly role of taking care of you. Imagine when the husband from the family next door repeatedly hits his wife and shouts slurs at her because he is perpetually intoxicated. You are desperate to help, but you are also scared of the possible ramifications that come with interfering in other people’s business, and you do nothing. Assume how you would feel when your parents forbid you from pursuing your passion because they think women will not amount to anything much in life except staying in the kitchen and raising the children. Try to observe the smallest daily details when women do not receive as much respect as men in the family or in the workplace.

“A Feminine Medley” is a documentation project that aims to raise awareness about women’s coping mechanisms with the Vietnamese society’s limitation, prejudice, and gender disparity. The exhibition ultimately aspires to reduce such stereotypical and discriminatory mindsets towards women. The exhibition is organized by Hoang Quang Anh and Dao Ngoc Vinh, students from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School and The Lawrenceville School in the United States respectively.

Curators: Dao Ngoc Vinh and Hoang Quang Anh

Artists: Kim Nguyen, Le Van Nhung

Photographer Kim Nguyen 

Cameraman Le Van Nhung 

Interviewer Ho Kieu Mi 

Interviewer Dao Ngoc Vinh  

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