Traditional design meets environmental awareness in central highlands nest

By Minh Trang, Quang Dam   February 20, 2020 | 11:12 pm PT
Woodland hideaway in the Central Highlands of Vietnam marries love of nature and traditional craftmanship.
A young couple from Central Vietnam decided to create their own world with a house in Dak Nong Province on the Central Highlands.

Its young owners decided to create their refuge in Dak Nong Province in the Central Highlands to start a new life.

Located on a hill lying next to a forest in Mnong Highlands, the house was designed to help homeowners maintain a connection with nature by using local materials and creating simple spaces.

Located on a hill next to a M'nong Highlands forest, the house incorporates local materials and simplistic spatial planning.

Architect from G+ Architects takes inspiration from the traditional house of ethnic E De people living nearby, with large leaning roofs, which are similar to the dried durian leaves falling on the ground.

G+ Architects drew inspiration from traditional ethnic E De homesteads that feature large leaning roofs, which resemble dried durian leaves.

Sharing features of a stilt house, the construction has its ground floor as a storage area. The staircase leading up to the living area is also a favourite place of cats adopted by the young owners.

Similar to a stilt house, the ground floor is used for storage, the staircase leading upstairs a favorite stomping ground for a string of adopted cats.

The living room with simple interior designs and furniture reflects the owners simple lifestyle. The glass windows with wooden mullions allow sunlight to enter the house, erasing the boundaries between the inside and outside.

The interior reflects the owners’ simple lifestyle. Glass windows with wooden mullions allow ample natural light to penetrate the house.

Rocks, wood from coffees and old furniture were used to increase local features for the modern house.

Rocks, wood from coffee trees and old furniture were used to increase the local appeal of this modern design.

Bedroom with a view of the valley.

What better way to wake than with a valley view.

The spacious balcony with shades and shadows become the homeowners favorite place to indulge themselves in nature.

A spacious balcony offers inhabitants an unadulterated experience with nature.

Sunset view from the balcony.

Hills created to embrace the setting sun.

No skyscrapers around, giving residents chances to watch the stars at night or fully enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth.

Far from the jarring presence of skyscrapers, the house provides the perfect foundation for stargazing and consumption of Mother Earth.

It took more than one year to design and build the 150-square-meter house.

It took over a year to design and construct the 150-square-meter house.

Blueprint of the storage area on the ground.

Blueprint of the ground floor storage facility.

The 1st floor blueprint.

1st floor blueprint.

The roof blueprint.

Roof blueprint.

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