Pine tree retreat offers sophisticated Tam Dao escape

By Minh Trang   May 7, 2020 | 07:00 pm PT
Hidden on a forested slope, this Tam Dao family home provides a suave take on nature living.
Located on a 1,000-meter-square plot with a view of grass hills and sand pits in Tam Dao Town of northern Vinh Phuc Province, the villa is home of a four-member family. They want to have an open space, conneting homeowners with the surrounding nature without ruining the scenary.

Straddling a 1,000-meter-square plot in Tam Dao Town of northern Vinh Phuc Province, this home belongs to a four-member, nature conscious family. 

The one-floor block and two-floor block are perpendicular to each other. The villa is designed to let the wind blow through and allow the sunlight to penetrate in the afternoon with a nice view of sunset on the mountain.

The perpendicular design offers a deluge of air and light at all hours of the day.

There is a big waterfall falling down from the lower block into the 48-meter-square swimming pool.

A waterfall cascades into the 48-meter-square swimming pool.

The waterfall offers a remarkable look with makes the villa cooler on hot summer days thanks to a system bumping water from the swimming pool up to the roof. 

A special system circulates water between the pool and waterfall, offering the perfect soundtrack to hot summers. 

The living room and dinning room are interconnected, with a view of the outdoor swimming pool. The concrete floor extends from the inside to outside to erase the gap between them. The door system which can be fully opened, connecting the pool and the living room.

Living and dining rooms are interconnected, the continuous concrete flooring erasing the boundary between outdoors and in.

The living room and dinning room are large, with the void space to make the heart of the house connecting with other parts of the villa.

The open ceiling plan affords inhabitants the illusion of added space.

Four bedrooms with views of the surrounding nature.

All four bedrooms look out across the surrounding vegetation.

In the evening, the colors of light and wooden furniture behind the glass doors create the harmonization.

Sunset steeps the house in warm, cozy hues.

The surrounding walls and entrance staircase are built with stone, offering a unique look and connecting the house with the color of the pine forest.

The addition of stone adds a natural element to this minimalist forest hideaway.

The villa blueprint.

The villa blueprint.

Photos by Trieu Chien.

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