Phan Rang house of rising sun

By Minh Trang   August 10, 2020 | 09:04 pm PT
Airy coastal home is a reflection of functionality and environmental sensibility in central Vietnam.
Coastal Phan Rang Town has 300 sunny days per year, making local citizens suffer a lot from sunlight and high temperature. Many of them have chosen to stay away from the nature during the day and only venture out in the evening. The homeowners used to opt for the same option, which made them have no idea of day or night. Hoping to stay closer to the nature, they want a new house that can connect them with the light and air outside.

Coastal Phan Rang Town in the central province of Ninh Thuan boasts 300 sunny days a year, allowing locals little respite from dangerous
UV levels and high temperatures. Hoping to better engage with their immediate environment, regardless the time of day, homeowners of the house, located on a 220-square-meter plot, opted for a porous, breathable exterior.

The two-storey house with sun louvers on both floors to reduce sunlight and create shading effects.

The sun louvered, two-story house was painted white to deflect as much sunlight and heat as possible.

Architects use buffered areas, which are transition space between inside and outside such as lakes and gardens to reduce heat, giving homeowers more comfortability when opening up their living space with the nature. The air flows through this space will be cooler thanks to different kinds of local trees and humidity from water surface

A sunken terrace, embraced by the cooling comfort of a pool, affords inhabitants the discretion of stepping into their natural surroundings.

The garden under the sunlight.

Sunlit greenery bisects the monotony of concrete.

The fish lake reduces sunlight heat and also help homewoners to relax amid their rat race.

The fish pond benefits from a touch of modernist tranquility, allowing homeowners a space to reflect.

Massive glass window allows natural light to enter the living space.

Massive windows frame daily life both in- and outside.

The living room has a louver system, which regulates the amount of sunshine that enters and helps reduce the heat.

The living room has a louver system, which regulates the amount of sunshine that enters and helps reduce the heat.

Minimalist bedroom with a green view.

Minimalist bedroom with a green view.

The house faces the sun directly.,

Bathed in the defused end of day, this home is well positioned to receive optimal amounts of daylight.

Photos by Hoang Le

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