Hoi An abode mirrors inclined, coconut-tree columns

By Minh Trang   March 25, 2020 | 01:00 am PT
Located in Hoi An Ancient Town along Vietnam’s central coast, the house makes for lush living.
The 450-meter-square house is in Cam Thanh Village of Hoi An old town, which is famous for coconut and nipa palms together with hundreds of years old houses. Therefore, the homeowners, a married couple, wanted their house to promote the values of local culture and nature.

The 450-meter-square house lies in Cam Thanh Village of Hoi An, famous for its coconut palms as well as ancient architecture. The married owners aim to promote the values of local culture and nature.

Receiving their friends and relatives regularly, they want to create a unique residential space adapting to the local climate familiar to local living habits. Photo by Ha Phong Dang.

Receiving regular visits from relatives and friends, the couple want to create a unique space adapted to the local climate and living habits. 

Taking inspiration from coconut and nipa palms, architects designed inclined column structure. It gives the façade a shape of letter A, the first letter of both homeowners’ name. Photo by Ha Phong Dang.

Taking inspiration from coconut palms, architects incorporated inclined columns on the façade to form the letter A, the first character in both homeowners’ names. 

The pool has shadows of the inclined columns, creating a childhood memories of swimming on rivers with coconut palms around. Photo by Ha Phong Dang.

The pool reflect the inclined columns, replicating the childhood memory of swimming in rivers surrounded by coconut palms. 

Glass windows allow natural light to penetrate and increase the effect of lighting and ventilation like the old Vietnamese houses. Photo by Ha Phong Dang.

Glass windows allow natural light to penetrate the living space, similar to old Vietnamese design. 

Inclined volumn structure also creates a visual impression of a large space, which like the under coconut space. The interior of the house is designed with simplicity to ensure a harmonious feel for its residents. Photo by Ha Phong Dang.

Inclined columns create a visual impression of increased space, decorated with functional simplicity in mind. 

A door is decorated with coconut leave patterns. Photo by Ha Phong Dang.

A door decorated with a coconut leaf pattern. 

Small gardens were used to split the long house into three blocks and create space for lighting and ventilation effects, even the two sides of the house will have other nextdoor houses in the future. Photo by Ha Phong Dang.

Small gardens split the long house into three blocks enjoying plenty of light and ventilation, regardless of the encroaching homes of neighbors. 

Indoor and outdoor spaces were designed with many trees to bring the house closer it local sceneries and create a cool living space. Photo by Ha Phong Dang.

Trees draw the home towards nature to a primal effect. 

Blueprint of the house.


Four sections of the house. Photo by Ha Phong Dang.

Four sections. 

The house with inclined column structure.

                                                                                        Photos by Ha Phong Dang.

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