Double-facade Vung Tau abode stares down the sun

By Minh Trang   August 14, 2020 | 01:36 am PT
Built along a non-optimal North-South axis, the home in Vung Tau beach town relies on two outer layers to protect it from the virulent glare of the setting sun.
The 68-square-meter house, located in southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, faces the West, which means homeowners will have a lot of sunlight during sunset. To reduce the heat, architects decided to use two layers of facade.

The 68-square-meter house, located in southern Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, was equipped with a double facade to diminish the impact of direct afternoon sunlight.

The outer layer is made of bricks, covering the front of the back sides of the house. Hoping to have a better connection with the nature, homeowners wants to have a facade that does not completely prevent natural wind and light from entering.

Built at both the front and back, porous brick screening does not completely sever the connection between built environment and nature.

The second layer is made of buffered areas such as small gardens and balconies, which play as a void promoting ventilation and privacy for residents.

Small gardens and balconies promote an inner sense of peace and dynamic connectivity.

Glass doors and windows can be opened easily, allowing natural light and wind to enter.

Restractable glass doors allows common spaces to extend beyond their defined margins.

Stairs are located in the front, leading directly to the rooftop garden. An airtrium inside the house facilitate ventilation, giving homeowners more comfortability.

An external staircase leads straight to the roof.

Minimalist bedroom with large windows.

A minimalist bedroom with a natural, near-cabin-like finish.

The living room get natural light via the brick facade. The contruction of the house costed its owners around VND3 billlion ($129,114).

Contruction costs totalled around VND3 billlion ($129,114).

Photos by Quang Tran.

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