Vietnamese gamer tops international streamer ranking

By Kim Cuong   November 26, 2020 | 10:47 pm PT
Do Mixi, owner of the MixiGaming YouTube channel, has surpassed many foreign counterparts to top the list of 100 most favorite streamers on popular gamer platform OP.GG.

MixiGaming has steadily risen in popularity on OP.GG's "fan-based streamer ranking". Despite scoring fewer votes in the game skills category, the Vietnamese streamer topped all other categories, including fun talk, communication, content, appearance, teaching, and personality.

As of November 25, MixiGaming has garnered 24,100 votes, much more than other famous streamers like Swedish League of Legends player Darkwinjax (4,200 votes), and French streamer Sardoche (3,000 votes).

Do Mixi is a rising star in the Vietnamese streamer community. Photo courtesy of Phung Thanh Do.

Do Mixi is a rising star in the Vietnamese streamer community. Photo courtesy of Do Mixi.

The online event, organized from November 22 to 28, determines winners based on online user votes. Each can vote multiple times without signing into the website.

Do Mixi (Phung Thanh Do), born in 1989, and has won the hearts of online gamers thanks to his attractive and frank communication style. Before becoming a streamer, Do was a PUBG gamer. In mid-August, he broke the record of concurrent live stream viewers at 242,000 during a live session, a record number in the Vietnamese streamer community.

OP.GG, launched in 2013 and managed by South Korean CEO Cheonwoo Park, is a platform providing insights to gamers, helping them improve their gameplay and witness the performance of their opponents and friends.

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