Thai politician, 45, caught naked in bed with 24-year-old adopted monk son by husband

By Linh Le   May 3, 2024 | 08:40 pm PT
Prapaporn Choeiwadkoh, a 45-year-old prominent Thai politician, was caught by her husband while naked in bed with her adopted monk son Phra Maha, 24.
Back view of a man wearing red monk shawl. Illustration photo by Pexels

Back view of a man wearing red monk shawl. Illustration photo by Pexels

As the Daily Mail reports, Choeiwadkoh’s husband, identified as Ti, 64, drove over five hours to their home in the city of Sukhothai because he suspected an affair between his wife and her adopted son.

The South China Morning Post noted that although Ti then caught Choeiwadkoh and Phra Maha red-handed, both asserted that they were simply talking. Choeiwadkoh insisted that no sexual activities had taken place, and Phra Maha stated that he was merely seeking advice on personal issues from his adopted mother and they were going to shower.

Ti articulated his sense of betrayal, highlighting his financial and emotional contributions to the marriage: "I was furious when I found them together."

"I felt so betrayed," he continued. "I had bought her gold and given her many gifts."

Accusing the monk of seducing his wife, Ti disclosed that Choeiwadkoh had adopted Phra Maha the previous year from a temple, motivated by her compassion for him.

Since the incident, Phra Maha has reportedly abandoned the monkhood and been on the run.

The incident has sparked a wave of reactions on Chinese online platforms, with many remarking on the bizarre nature of the situation. A user on Horizon News, where the scandal was first reported, commented: "This news is explosive, with too many elements."

"It sounds like pure fiction," this person added. "The world of the wealthy is indeed fascinating and chaotic."

Another online comment underscored the convoluted nature of the relationships involved: "A 64-year-old husband, a 45-year-old wife, and a 24-year-old adopted son who is a monk?"

"Even dramas don’t dare to script this."

Known as "Madam Ple," Choeiwadkoh serves as the president of Sukhothai’s local chamber of commerce and is a member of the Democrat Party. She has been suspended by the party, pending further investigation, following the incident.

In Thailand, Buddhist monks are prohibited from being alone in private with women and must also take a vow of celibacy to set an example for their followers.

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