Government Covid-19 video among YouTube’s most trending in Vietnam

By Long Nguyen   December 4, 2020 | 05:51 pm PT
A video showing people how to protect themselves from Covid-19 made by the Ministry of Health is among the most trending on YouTube in Vietnam this year.

"Five Things To Do To Prevent Covid-19," uploaded in April, has been seen more than 23.5 million times, third only behind music parody video "Cam On Tat Ca Moi Nguoi" (Thank You Everyone) by Hau Hoang and episode one of web drama "Bo Gia" (Old Father) by comedian Tran Thanh.

"The video about five steps we should do to prevent to Covid-19 pandemic has brought crucial health information to the public, helping Vietnam contain the pandemic effectively," YouTube said on December 3, adding it was creative.

The Five Things To Do To Prevent The Covid-19 video has garnered more than 23.5 million views. Photo by VnExpress/Long Nguyen.

The Ministry of Health’s "Five Things To Do To Prevent The Covid-19" video has garnered more than 23.5 million views on YouTube. Photo by VnExpress/Long Nguyen.

TV rap show "Rap Viet" and comedy show "Thach Thuc Danh Hai" (Comedians Challenge) also have videos in the list.

The list of top creators is headed by rising streamer Do Mixi with his channel "MixiGaming," followed by comedian and TV host Tran Thanh with his "Tran Thanh Town" channel. "Quynh Tran JP & Family," featuring Quynh Tran, a Vietnamese woman living with her family in Japan, also made it to the top 10.

The music video list has both professional and indie singers.

"Anh Thanh Nien" (The Young Man) by indie singer Huy R, "La Mot Thang Con Trai" (To Be A Boy) by Jack, "Hoa No Khong Mau" (Colorless Blooming Flowers) by Hoai Lam, "Thich Thi Den" (Come Here If You Like) by rising star Le Bao Binh and "Co Chac Yeu La Day" (Is This Love) by "V-pop prince" Son Tung MTP are the top five.

YouTube has gained more and more popularity in Vietnam in the last few years. The country is among the five biggest global markets for the streaming platform, according to its 2019 report.

Vietnam has around 350 YouTube channels with over one million subscribers.

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