Foreigners enjoy full-arch implant at Elite Dental Center

By Thy An   July 11, 2024 | 01:30 am PT
Maciej Ziomek, 44, successfully got a full-mouth implant done at the Elite Dental Center in HCMC on his friend’s recommendation.

The 44-year-old Polish man, who is currently living in the coastal city of Nha Trang with his wife, had tirelessly sought out information about full-arch implants.

Ziomek had been suffering due to the loss of most of his teeth and the poor condition of those that remained.

Maciej Ziomek, 44, receives full-arch implant at Elite Dental Center. Photo courtesy of Elite Dental Center

Maciej Ziomek, 44, receives full-arch implant at Elite Dental Center. Photo courtesy of Elite Dental Center

Trevor Hughes, 62, an engineer in Perth, Australia, who frequently travels to Vietnam, had also opted for implant and veneer work done at Elite Dental Center.

The stories of Ziomek and Hughes are testimony to Vietnam's emerging status as a leading dental tourism destination.

Instead of treating their dental problems in Poland or Australia, whose medical industries have a high reputation, they confidently chose Vietnam’s quality care, which is much more affordable.

Dr. Tran Hung Lam, professional director of Elite Dental Center, says: "We receive a substantial number of foreign guests at the Elite Dental Center. They choose us due to their confidence in our high-quality treatments, which are significantly more affordable than those available in their home countries."

Last year Vietnam attracted nearly 13 million tourists. This year, the number is expected to jump to 18–20 million, according to the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism.

A significant portion of tourists are seeking medical treatment, particularly dental care. Around 300,000 people flocked to Vietnam for its high-quality but cost-effective dental care, contributing a substantial $2 billion to the country's economy.

This establishes dental tourism as a crucial driving force behind Vietnam's thriving medical tourism industry.

Europeans frequently opt to travel to Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Croatia for dental care. Americans routinely choose neighbouring Mexico and Costa Rica.

India and Thailand are the go-to destinations for top-quality and reasonably priced dental work, especially for those willing to travel a greater distance.

According to an April 2021 article in the British Dental Journal, Vietnam and Thailand are the recommended choices. Vietnam is particularly known for its excellent value for money.

Dr Tran says: "Vietnam provides exceptional value for your money. We offer high-quality care at 20-30% lower cost."

He says the Elite Dental Center has three clinics equipped with state-of-the-art devices and facilities.

It also boasts a team of around 30 dentists who have undergone extensive training in the US, Europe and other advanced economies such as Japan and South Korea.

When it comes to full-mouth tooth implantation, it is crucial to weigh the options of having the procedure done in Vietnam or neighbouring Thailand or returning home for it.

Vietnam's dental care sector has garnered significant recognition due to the collaborative efforts of industry stakeholders and accommodative government policies.

Many dental clinics have made substantial investments in upgrading technology and infrastructure.

According to Ken Research, there are more than 2,000 dental clinics in Vietnam by the end of 2023, some 40% of them located in HCMC.

But it is important to note that not all of them are registered.

Tran says: "Selecting the perfect clinic and doctors for your needs is crucial. As a fully-registered, specialized dental center, rest assured that you're in safe hands."

The center is one of the few clinics to have invested heavily in modern devices and equipment.

For instance, the German-made Sirona camera system effectively examines jaw bone density, enabling doctors to precisely plan treatments.

The PrimeScan system by Sirona Group utilizes a 3D scanner to accurately record gum condition, soft tissues and bite.

The PIC (Precise Implant Capture) system ensures precise impressions of the implant position, eliminating the discomfort of traditional rubber impressions.

About half of Elite Dental Centers patients travel from abroad to receive treatment. Photo courtesy of Elite Dental Center

About half of Elite Dental Center's patients come from abroad for treatment. Photo courtesy of Elite Dental Center

Dr Tran highlighted the fact that the center can complete a full-mouth implant procedure in just two weeks, saving international patients time and money on extended stays.

Elite Dental Center works with a local travel agency to provide comprehensive support for international visitors.

The services offered include help with visa arrangements, airport transfers, hotel accommodation, and guided tours.

Clear communication before and after the trip ensures a smooth journey towards achieving healthy, beautiful smiles.

Elite Dental Center is located at 51A Tu Xuong, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC. See here for more information or contact via email, or call the hotline at (+84) 2873063838 or (+84) 902559888.

The Implant and Orthodontic Dentistry Center Metropole is at B0108, Galleria, Metropole (Thu Thiem). Send email to or call the hotline at (+84) 902536322.

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