Organization ideas to boost productivity while working from home

By My My   September 10, 2021 | 06:00 pm PT
Youssef Akila, head of design for Masterise Homes, gave some tips for creating a workspace that is both comfortable and productive in the context of social distancing and working from home.


Work lights, for example, desk or wall lamps are essential and should illuminate where you sit.

You should find a workplace with an outside view and get natural light. These are the two most appreciated workspace characteristics according to CBRE's survey. Choose a seat so that the light source is not behind your back, but in the front or in the front corner to reduce glare and reduce eye strain. On the other hand, you should also have curtains to control the best light during the day.

If your room has large windows, let natural light illuminate your workspace and hang a mirror next to the window to illuminate the whole room. If you don't have a lot of natural light or you often work late, invest in a large desk lamp or hang a few natural light bulbs from the ceiling where you sit. Bulbs should be between 2,700-3,500K – this is a measure of the color temperature of the bulb, and within this range the bulb has a neutral tone between hot and cold.

An outside view and natural light would boost productivity and inspiration at workplace. Photo by?

An outside view and natural light would boost productivity and inspiration at workplace. Photo by CBRE


Plants can help bring a warmer feel to the office, while also supporting creative thinking. They also provide natural endorphins. The ideal type of plant in the office is one that does not take much care and has the ability to filter the air.

If you have enough space, put a tall potted plant in the corner, and put a few pots of vines or succulents on the shelf – both beautiful and easy to take care of. Even if you don't mind taking care of real plants, you can buy fake plants - their green color can still help you relax your eyes after hours of looking at the screen.

Plants can help bring a warmer feel and activate creativity. Photo by?

Plants can help bring a warmer feel and activate creativity. Photo by Masterise Homes


When designing your home office, find ways to add some elements to it to inspire and motivate yourself. It could be a landscape photo of a place that is meaningful to you, a family photo, or encouraging slogans. These pictures should be hung in the corner of the room so as not to distract but still motivate you whenever you take your eyes off the screen.

Use color to inspire work. Bright colors or bold colors dotted on a neutral background will work best. Light blues can help relax the mind, while colors like yellow and red can boost energy and creativity. Use these colors in a small area, maybe simple shapes so you don't get confused. You can also use your favorite color.


When choosing an office chair, don't choose an uncomfortable chair because of its appearance. Even if you are working from home, you should still use the specialized swivel chair of the office to create a difference between the work space and the rest of the house. Always prioritize utility and efficiency, making sure your chair has adjustable height, backrest and seat cushion.

Many of us will likely have to share a home office space with relatives, housemates, or children. You should find ways to separate your own workspace, for example, use curtains, partitions to have a separate space, or if you sit at the same table, you should divide the space with items such as books, desk plants, etc. to avoid confusion. When working with high concentration or meeting online, use a headset. If young children want to be with you, let them color or play quiet games while you work.


The arrangement of the workspace is also extremely important for a productive work environment. Arrange a shelf or bookshelf on one wall and keep it tidy – to do this, you should not put items you need to use every day here. For everyday essentials, keep them in a desk drawer or document drawer. Of course, if all your documents are stored on your computer, you won't need too much space to store hardcopy documents and bookshelves or shelves will serve more decorative purposes.

The arrangement of the workspace is important. Photo by?

The arrangement of the workspace is important. Photo by CBRE

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