Luxury hotels in Vietnam that deliver ‘pure joy of water’

By Phat Dat   March 17, 2020 | 05:00 pm PT
Six high-end hotels and resorts in Vietnam elevate luxury experience with Grohe bathrooms.

Living up to its brand motto, "Pure Joy of Water," Grohe is one of the first choice bathroom brands for luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. Developers, architects and interior designers of these high-end properties rely on Grohe for its German-quality, technology, sustainability values and sophisticated design.

Travelers around the world appreciate the luxurious water experience that Grohe showers and fittings deliver, helping them relax and revitalize.

Banyan Tree Lang Co (Da Nang)

Located on the shores of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Banyan Tree Lang Co is a leading luxury resort in central Vietnam. It is a good starting point for travelers for exploring Hue and other hotspots in the region.

Located in a crescent-shaped bay, the Banyan Tree Lang Co is the most luxurious brand in the Laguna Lang Co integrated resort. Banyan Tree Lang Co symbolizes the cultural and historical heritage of Vietnam by incorporating the traditional style of Hue houses into its architecture.

Its interiors reflect the cultural heritage of the region with Champa sandstone sculptures, Dong Son bronze drums, Vietnamese calligraphy, Dong Ho paintings, water puppets, silk embroidery, pottery and royal fabrics. Grohe's luxury bathroom fittings have well matched the 5-star resort settings.

Banyan Tree Lang Co Hotel is well known for relaxing and luxurious space, surprises customers with perfect bathroom interior.

The Banyan Tree Lang Co Hotel, known for its relaxing, luxurious ambience, surprises customers with its bathroom interiors.

X2 Hoi An Resort & Residence

The design of this superb luxury resort harmoniously combines nature, local culture and modern architecture. Located just minutes from the UNESCO-heritage ancient town of Hoi An, and just 30 minutes from the Danang International Airport, the site of X2 Hoi An Resort & Residence resembles a silk strip on the banks of Co Co River.

Each villa has a modern living space that is in harmony with nature and a dedicated private pool. Residents and visitors can relax in utmost privacy amidst luxury. And a highlight of this experience is the luxury bathrooms equipped with Grohe Spa color fittings. The deluxe PVD gold Grohe fittings exude timelessness as they combine beautifully with traditional Vietnamese motifs.

X2 Hoi An Resort and Residence bathrooms offers visitors the feelings of Vietnam ancient town combining with luxury and contemporary of Grohe.

At the X2 Hoi An Resort and Residence, Grohe bathroom fittings help to combine the charm of Vietnam’s ancient town with contemporary luxury.

JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi is one of the top 5-star hotels in Vietnam. It features luxuriously palatial rooms, cutting-edge interior design and superlative service. JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi won "The Best New Hotel Construction and Design" at the Asia Pacific 2014 awards. Designed by the renowned Carlos Zapata Studio based in the U.S., the hotel building strikingly resembles a resting dragon against the skies of the East China Sea.

The interiors of JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi provide a deluxe-level of relaxation and tranquility. Its bathrooms extend the five-star experience with Grohe fittings that emphasize European sophistication and luxury.

A comfort room quipped with leading modern interiors in JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi.

A room equipped with modern interiors in JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi.

Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort

Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort has earned a name for itself with its stylish design - from architecture to its interiors. The luxuriousness of this property is reflected, among other things, in the high quality marble used in the bathrooms.

After a long day on the beautiful white sands of the island’s beaches, there’s no better feeling than a refreshing moment under a Grohe shower, meticulously designed to maximize comfort.

It will be an unforgettable experience to have me-time in incredible bathroom of Premier Village Phu Quoc.

Soaking in luxury gets real in the exquisite bathrooms of the Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort.

Oakwood Residence Hanoi

With its prime location, outstanding facilities, exclusive service and purposeful design, Oakwood Residence Hanoi is one of the best  serviced apartments for both short and long stay travellers in the capital city.

The bathrooms in the apartments are beautifully designed with a contrasting black and white color palette, giving them an extremely eye-catching appearance. The elegant and minimalist bathrooms are a haven of serenity, delivering a calming and relaxing experience for busy travelers to unwind and recharge.

Oakwood Residence Ha Noi is located in one of the quietest place of Hanoi.

Oakwood Residence boasts a prime location in the capital city.

FLC Grand Hotel HaLong

The FLC Hotel & Resorts group has asserted itself as one of the top brands in the hotel industry with many outstanding projects in choice locations.

FLC Hotel & Resorts requires equipment and products used in its hotels to meet stringent international standards. The pinnacle design and quality of Grohe bathroom fittings and ceramics with their technological sophistication, German-quality standards, and outstanding design fit well with FLC Hotel & Resorts luxury brand ethos.

Reading a magazine while warm water massaging your skin is a memorable moment at FLC Grand hotel.

Reading a magazine while warm water massaging your skin is a memorable moment at FLC Grand Hotel HaLong.

Grohe is a leading global brand for full bathroom solutions and kitchen systems; and it is number one in water security. Headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, Grohe products are manufactured to German quality standards and incorporate world-leading water technology. They are also made with the highest levels of sustainability, and feature multiple-award winning designs. Since 2003, Grohe has received over 400 international design and innovation awards including the prestigious Red Dot Brand of The Year 2019. It is consistently ranked one of Germany's most sustainable large companies. Grohe is also the leading choice of many luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.

For more information, please visit Grohe’s website here.

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