My husband and I rent room to save money for building house for my parents-in-law

By Thuy Diep   May 3, 2024 | 07:48 pm PT
Since I had completed supporting my own parents before marriage, and my in-laws are elderly, I want to use the funds we initially planned for our own house to build one for my in-laws.

I am 34 years old and have been married for two years. My husband and I have a delightful little boy, and we are excitedly anticipating the arrival of our second child. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a husband who shares similar values and life perspectives.

Since becoming a mother, I’ve strived for independence from my parents and in-laws. Nonetheless, concerned about my inexperience with motherhood, both my mother and mother-in-law visited us for a few months each to help with my first baby. After their visits, I would purchase a few pieces of gold for them and give them some spending money. When they were not around, I employed a helper for the housework, while my husband and I alternated in caring for our child, thanks to the flexibility our jobs offer.

Recently, in a move that surprised his family, my husband left a high-paying job at his previous company and joined me in the tourism industry. We work independently of each other, earning equal incomes, which I manage and budget. Each month, we save a portion of our earnings to equally support both my parents and my husband’s parents.

As I write this, the house we’ve envisioned for my in-laws is slowly becoming a reality. The budget for this house, which is being built on my in-laws’ land, is nearly VND1 billion (US$39,355), with us covering the majority of the construction costs.

Turning to my husband’s family background, his parents are lifelong farmers who have tirelessly supported the education and marriages of their four children. They have also cared for their grandchildren for more than a decade. All of my brothers- and sisters-in-law have established homes either in my in-laws’ hometown or in a major city about an hour and a half away.

My husband is the youngest of his siblings. We began our careers away from our hometowns, investing in land, acquiring a car, engaging in stock investments, and maintaining a small amount of liquid capital. Despite these investments, we have opted to rent a house to save funds for building a home for my parents-in-law, which currently makes us the least settled among our siblings in terms of home ownership.

Our decision to prioritize building a house for my elderly parents-in-law was initially met with skepticism, as some viewed it as impractical. However, we were adamant in our belief that they deserve their own home after a lifetime of hard work. We made it clear that this endeavor was our choice, inviting contributions from others only if they wished, and made peace with the possibility of no contributions from them. Consequently, no further objections were raised, and my parents-in-law were visibly pleased and grateful.

Following our decision, my husband’s older brother offered to help financially, which somewhat lightened our load although unexpected.

Once we complete the house for my parents-in-law, our next focus will be on earning enough to build our own home and raise our children.

Am I right to think and act in this manner?

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