Singer Bella Astillah accuses actress ex-friend Ruhainies of destroying her marriage

By Linh Le   June 17, 2024 | 04:00 am PT
Malaysian singer Bella Astillah has publicly accused her former friend, actress Ruhainies, of causing the breakdown of her marriage to Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz, which resulted in her children losing their father.
Malaysian singer Bella Astillah. Photo from Astillahs Instagram

Malaysian singer Bella Astillah. Photo from Astillah's Instagram

According to The Star, 29-year-old Astillah made a post on Instagram following her divorce from Aziz, 33, in which she expressed deep hurt and disappointment, and blamed the failure of her marriage on Ruhainies’ actions.

"Congratulations to my ex-friend Ruhainies for successfully ruining (my) marriage and causing my children to lose their father," Astillah wrote.

The singer initiated divorce proceedings after Aziz was detained with 32-year-old Ruhainies on March 9 for khalwat (close proximity), which is a situation occurring when a man and a woman who are not married to each other or related by blood are found together in a private setting. They were discovered staying together at Ruhainies’ apartment in Kuala Lumpur.

In an interview the following month, Astillah stated that Aziz had made at least eight visits to Ruhainies’ apartment, including on the occasion that led to their detention, as reported by The Straits Times. She also mentioned that the production crew of a Malaysian drama, in which Aziz and Ruhainies were co-stars, had warned her about a possible romance developing between them off-screen, but she had initially dismissed these warnings, trusting Ruhainies as a friend.

A Malaysian court finalized the couple’s divorce on June 13 and required Astillah to observe a three-month iddah period, during which she must refrain from remarrying. The singer also decided against seeking alimony or monetary compensation.

Astillah and Aziz, who have two children, were married in 2016 but decided to separate in 2019 amid ongoing allegations of Aziz’s extramarital affairs. They reconciled in 2020.

Before finalizing their divorce this time, both Astillah and Aziz had accused each other of having extramarital affairs.

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