Hong Kong singer Joey Wong ends relationship amid boyfriend’s bankruptcy

By Linh Le   May 22, 2024 | 05:32 am PT
Pop singer Joey Wong, also known as JW, has ended her relationship with Tarzan Ip following his family’s declaration of bankruptcy.
Hong Kong singer Joey Wong. Photo from Wongs Instagram

Hong Kong singer Joey Wong. Photo from Wong's Instagram

As reported by The Star, Wong, 34, used Instagram to announce her newfound single status on Tuesday. In a video compilation showing her enjoying gourmet meals, traveling, and spending time with friends, the singer wrote: "Almost forgot how it’s like to be single after 13 years of being in a relationship."

"In my happy girl era," she continued. "Life is great, I’ll be okay."

Dimsum Daily reported that the breakup occurred after Ip and his family were declared bankrupt in February last year.

Before the bankruptcy was confirmed, Wong had often been accused of being with Tarzan Ip for his financial assets, which she strongly refuted.

"Since graduating from university, I have worked tirelessly, and I mean tirelessly!" she declared in an earlier interview with Dimsum Daily. "I have never asked anyone for money, not even my family. I have always relied on myself!"

Tarzan Ip is the son of Wilson Ip, who established the Bonjour Cosmetics Wholesale Center in 1991, as reported by The Standard.

At its prime in 2011, Bonjour was valued at HK$4.9 billion (US$627.7 million), operating up to 47 branches across Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou.

However, starting in 2012, the business experienced declining sales, which eventually led to the firm filing for bankruptcy.

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