Beauty queen denies prostitution, pimping allegations in Dubai

By Thien Anh   January 23, 2024 | 08:43 pm PT
Miss Sports Vietnam 2022 runner-up Le Phuong Thao has been disheartened by rumors claiming her participation in acts like prostitution and pimping in Dubai.

In an interview with Ngoi Sao on Tuesday, Le Phuong Thao revealed that she relocated to Dubai in February 2023, having secured a position with an export-import and fashion company.

"My hiring process involved the usual steps – application, interviews, and a probation period. I was chosen purely on my qualifications and skills, without any personal connections influencing the decision. Over the course of five months, my hard work was recognized, and I established strong relationships with my colleagues.

Miss Sports Vietnam 2022 runner-up Le Phuong Thao. Photo courtesy of Phuong Thao.

Miss Sports Vietnam 2022 runner-up Le Phuong Thao. Photo courtesy of Phuong Thao.

Thao further shared that she moved to Miami, U.S., in July 2023, where she took on a role at an aviation and commerce company and delved into real estate investments.

"Joining a major corporation was a strategic choice to grasp operational insights beneficial for my entrepreneurial ventures. I'm carefully navigating the international business landscape without hastily aiming for a CEO position at the cost of my resources and for mere status," she said.

Thao said her life grew more complex post her stint in the Miss Sports Vietnam 2022 pageant. She chose not to broadcast her employment on social media to safeguard her colleagues and associates from potential complications.

She also mentioned a specific clause in her Miami employment contract, prohibiting public disclosure of her job until its term ended. Thao said her readiness to provide all pertinent documentation concerning her recruitment and professional engagements.

Thao expressed her frustration with the extent of the baseless rumors. "It's okay to have differing opinions, but it's crucial that we don't let our discussions devolve into personal attacks, making up stories about someone's life, or discrediting them without knowing their full story," she said.

Thao has recently ignited a debate with her remarks on how Vietnam’s economy could benefit if women elevated their partner selection criteria.

She previously stirred controversy in August last year with her support for women choosing to be "sugar babies."

Thao, 30, is a businesswoman and serves as a visiting lecturer at the HCMC University of Economics and Finance.

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