Actress Wan Qian’s husband allegedly involved in affair

By Nguyen Huong   July 1, 2024 | 05:32 am PT
Allegations of an extramarital affair involving Chinese actress Wan Qian’s husband surfaced after he was seen entering a hotel with another woman while the actress was away.
Chinese actress Wan Qian. Photo from Wans Weibo

Chinese actress Wan Qian. Photo from Wan's Weibo

According to Sinchew, a video capturing the actress’ husband entering a hotel with a woman in Shanghai on May 31 while Wan was away was shared on Weibo in late June and quickly stirred public attention.

The woman seen with Wan’s husband is described as tall and slender. Shortly after entering the hotel, the pair were spotted dining together at a nearby restaurant.

At the time the video was recorded, Wan was reportedly at Hengdian World Studios in the eastern province of Zhejiang, engaged in a filming project. This incident led to the term "Wan Qian’s husband cheats" becoming one of the most-searched topics on the Chinese social media platform Weibo on the same day.

The actress has yet to make any public comments regarding the allegations.

Wan has expressed deep affection and admiration for her husband in previous interviews, emphasizing the simplicity of her expectations in their relationship: "I just need my husband to love me."

She also highlighted the independence she and her husband maintain in their professional lives, while still expecting mutual care and support from each other at home.

Despite her public persona, Wan has always kept her husband’s identity private, revealing only that he is a photographer. She frequently shares photos of herself taken by him on her personal Weibo account.

Wan, 42, is an alumna of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. She became an artist under a Beijing-based recording company post-graduation and began her television career in 2002.

In 2014, she won Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan.

Wan is currently gaining attention for her role as Su Gengsheng in the TV series "The Tale of Rose," where she appears alongside Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

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