Blindess no barrier for writer

By Kim Thuy   March 10, 2016 | 12:22 am PT
"I'm a normal person, just like everyone else"

[Part 1/4]

 I was born blind. My brother and I inherited cataracts from my father. 

I did not realize I was different from others until I was sent to a nursery school. I thought everyone else saw the world in darkness just like me. When I started school, the truth gradually became clear.

The teachers had to hold my hands to show me the way while others did that by themselves.

I used to lose when playing games with my friends. They made jokes about my blindness and I usually became aggressive and attacked them verbally to defend myself. However, I soon forgot that annoyance after a good sleep.

I refused to accept the truth. Sometimes I asked my parents about my blindness, but they left me no words. And I thought I could sense tears in my mother’s eyes. I faced so many difficulties and I ended up sitting in the same class for one more year.


Hoang Van Ly- a blind journalist at the Voice of Vietnam (VOV)

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