Benefits to join ISHCMC midway through academic year

By Pham May   February 12, 2023 | 07:00 pm PT
Joining a school midway through the academic year can seem overwhelming, but it can also offer unique benefits that can help students grow and develop in ways they did not expect.

Students who are transferring mid-term to the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) can have a positive experience and excel in many facets of their young educational journey.

A fresh start

Joining ISHCMC in the middle of the academic year can provide children with a unique opportunity for a fresh start, which can be especially beneficial for children who have experienced negative situations in their previous school.

A change of environment also allows children to leave behind any unpleasant memories and negative associations that may have impacted their self-esteem, academic performance, or overall wellbeing. ISHCMC offers children a chance to start anew, building positive experiences that will shape their education for years to come.

An "ISHCMC buddy"

The ISHCMC Buddy program matches new students with existing ones who share similar backgrounds, cultures, and languages, and plays a crucial role in helping them feel at home in their new school and community.

The buddy can share their experiences and provide information about the school, including where to find resources, who to talk to for support, and how to get involved in clubs and other extracurricular activities. The ISHCMC buddy system ensures that every child has a smooth transition to ISHCMC every day.

Presentation activities of students at ISHCMC

Presentation activities of students at ISHCMC. Photo by ISHCMC

New academic calendar

Joining ISHCMC can be exciting for students as it provides an opportunity to transition between different countries and their respective academic years. Each country has its own academic calendar and by joining a new school in a foreign country, students can experience the differences in the academic year.

For example, a student from Korea may be familiar with the Korean academic year, which typically runs from March to February. However, if that same student were to move to International School Ho Chi Minh City, their academic year would run from August to June. This can be helpful as children will have time to prepare for their studies in a new environment and will not miss any class.

A support system for families

At ISHCMC, the overall wellbeing of the family, as well as the student's needs, is of utmost importance.

ISHCMC has established a number of programs and initiatives designed to support parents and foster communications between the school, teachers, and parents. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) plays an important role in bridging the communications gap between the school and parents, helping to facilitate discussion and address any concerns, creating a sense of community and ensuring that each student and family feel connected, supported and valued.

ISHCMC also has "Country Representatives" who serve as ambassadors for their respective countries within the ISHCMC community. These representatives help families to connect with each other, share their cultures and traditions, and build a strong and supportive community.

The IB Continuum - An easy transition

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum school, ISHCMC allows students to seamlessly transition between schools, reducing the stress and anxiety that can often accompany such changes and also allowing them to focus on their learning and personal development.

The IB continuum is a series of educational programs designed to support students as they move through their education journey, from early childhood to adulthood. The programs within the IB continuum (Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program, and Diploma Program) share a common philosophy and approach to learning. This continuity helps make the transition between schools easier for students by ensuring that there is a consistent and recognizable educational experience, regardless of where they are in the world.

Live the ISHCMC values

Joining ISHCMC midway can help students develop one of the school’s main values, resilience, as it offers a new and challenging environment that requires them to adapt and be comfortable with change. This can help build their problem-solving skills, increase their confidence, and make them more independent. Encouraging students to take risks, learn from failure, and bounce back from challenges are all key components of resilience. By joining ISHCMC, students will not only gain a world-class education, but also build the necessary skills to thrive in a changing and challenging world.

Exposure to new cultures

As an internationally-minded community, ISHCMC has a diverse student body coming from more than 55 countries around the world. Joining midway through the academic year gives every student the opportunity to be exposed to different languages, customs, and beliefs. This can broaden their cultural horizons and provide new perspectives on the world.

ISHCMC students at the Celebration of Culture

ISHCMC students at the Celebration of Culture. Photo by ISHCMC

Joining ISHCMC midway through the academic year can be challenging, but it can also provide children with new opportunities for growth and learning. With an open mind, patience, and a positive attitude, the transition can be made much smoother and families can take advantage of the unique benefits that come with starting at a new school.

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